HP Support Assistant not working on windows 8.1


HP Support Assistant Not Working On Windows

About HP support assistant:

The HP support assistant or HPSF.exe is a type of EXE file which is entailed with the HP Support Assistant. This file is specially made to Windows Operating System by the HP Hewlett-Packard Company. This file will be published with various upgrades in that the latest one is HPSF7.3.35.20 for the Windows Operating System. However, this file doesn’t have any demands and its fortification also remains blank.

HPSA app:

Aside from HPSA is defined as an application to provide any information regarding the HP device. In case if your device needs updates and which is mandatory means it will keep on notify it. Moreover, this application is not inbuilt and doesn’t require by the device too. The installation of this app is up to you if you need then install it for Windows Update accordingly.

Error occurring case:

Indeed EXE files are the addressing files for delivering virus/malware infection since it has intense usefulness and ubiquity. If you notice that almost virus files will have its extension as EXE. And when you accidentally hit double times mean it will begin its work and will spread over SPAM email or malicious websites. As a result, your device will face a lot of issues and finally defeated.

What will it do?

We found that EXE files will damage, replicate and delete the already presented HP Support Assistant EXE files and if the HP Support Assistant begins to execute will end up in serious issues.  That is why we require you to scan for the virus before installing and open it any downloaded EXE files.

HPSF.exe error:

When you restart or start the system at any certain condition means you can notice the HPSF.exe error. Literally, it will keep on notify on the screen and will affect some function related to a device like printing and scanning.

How to resolve it:

We have given the perfect way to fix the HP Support Assistant in Windows 8.1 operating system make use of it for your device lifespan,

The Windows 8.1 users have only 2 choices:

Choice 1:

You have to uninstall the whole application at once and again reinstall or download  HP Support Assistant (HPSA) when you require to.

  • Step 1:

Go to Start and then enter Control Panel

  • Step 2:

After going to Control Panel search for the option of Programs and features in that

  • Step 3:

Then in Programs and features find the HP Support Assistant

  • Step 4:

Right-click on that application and hit uninstall, the application will start the uninstall process.

  • Step 5:

And finally, make sure that the function is either uninstall or not go to start and type HP Support Assistant if it not found in the result then the application is uninstalled.

Choice 2:

Uninstall the whole application and then don’t try to install it again.

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