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HP Business Desktop PCs – Upgrading to Windows 10

New Windows 10 OS is available for your HP computer via windows update. However, Windows 10 is the latest version in OS. If your HP business Desktop PC has windows 7 or higher OS then there is a chance to upgrade to windows 10. If you face difficulty in upgrading to Windows 10 in your HP business desktop PC, then do not hesitate to contact Hp business desktop support. Step 1: Ensure Your PC Is Eligible For Upgrading To Windows 10

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  • Windows 10 OS is free for those who are running the older version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 on their laptop, tablet or desktop computer.
  • You must find out which version your computer is presently operating by heading towards Microsoft website.
  • You might be the admin of your computer which means that you own the computer & set it up on your own. But it is likely to update the work computers which are controlled by IT department.

Step 2: Back Up Your HP Business PC To safeguard all the files which you have on your PC, it is recommended to back up your computer to be on the safer side. Step 3: Upgrade Your Present Windows Version You have to install all the upgrades needed for current windows version you have on your device. If you click on the automatic updates then you must check double the times before installing.

  • For Windows 7 OS, Go to Start>Control Panel> System& security and click windows update.
  • For Windows 8 or 8.1, Go to Start>PC Settings> Update & Recovery and click windows update.
  • For every windows version, your computer will inform you whether there are any updates available & take you through the procedure of downloading & installing them.
  • You must check for upgrades and install several times to complete this process.

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Step 4: Wait Until The Windows 10 Prompt Once your PC has recent updates, you have to wait for windows icon to appear on the taskbar of the desktop. Follow the directions available on the screen so that Microsoft knows that you wish to update to Windows 10. You can provide your email address for update confirmation. When you reserve for windows 10, you have to wait for few days so that Microsoft will automatically send Windows 10 OS to your system. When times come for installation, you will receive the notification on a computer screen. If you face any problem in the above-mentioned steps, then you can call hp support to solve your queries easily.

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