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How to Reset Your Computer to Factory Settings (Windows 10, 8, 7)

Reset Your Computer to Factory – Today, vast numbers of people are using a computer or laptop for various purposes. Resetting your system to factory settings is essential to recover files stored on your computer.  It is processed if the hard drive corrupted, operating system damaged and system infected by malware.  It makes you eliminate all data in your hard drive and restore the operating system in your computer.  Technicians are avail in online to reset your computer into factory setting with few processes. However, it will be processed to fix more issues on your device.   You might remove issues on the performance of your system and computer running slow.

 Tips to reset computer factory settings:

You can reset your system easily with the simple process with the expert’s guide.  Here some useful methods are given to reset your factory settings

 Recovery partition:

It makes you partition your disk according to your need. You have to partition system to restore the computer with factory settings.  It is one of the ways to restore your system to factory settings.   To reset your computer just follow below steps

  • First, restart your system
  • On the startup, you have to press S key to boot your system to recover the setting. Then it asks questions like how to reset your computer? How to reset factory of the device?

Specific key is varied by several computers.  If you like to boot your laptop by recovering disc you must use some necessary keys.

Reset your computer:

Reset your system if there is no recovery option on your computer to restore factory settings.

  • Click on start button and choose settings
  • Select update and security options
  • It navigates to the recovery option chooses to get started to start the factory reset
  • Now two options appear like remove everything or keep my files. You need to choose any one of option
  • You might see some apps installed on your device and click on next option
  • Choose reset
  • If your system unable to boot, enter WinRE to process reset

Now you go to troubleshoot and click on reset this pc and keep my files, choose an account, type password and choose reset.  The reset factory will be performed successfully.

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