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How To Get HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Desktops?

Companies like HP provide a lot of features and services to their users. But these services and programs have to be updated constantly. This is because HP wants to continue providing the best service to their users. Software is one of the things which gets outdated pretty fast. So HP rolls out new updates to prevent it from becoming obsolete and to solve those issues which might have been creating problems for users.

Everyone has something called the HP Support System or Manager which comes with their desktop. It notifies them regarding any new software or driver updates released by HP. But that Support Manager is in itself a software which means that it can break down or stop functioning as well. In this kind of scenario (or if you want to download absolutely new versions by yourself) then you need to go straight to the source to update your programs and other software.

  • First go to HP’s Support website and then go to the Drive section. The Drive section is where you will find the updates.
  • After that you will be asked to choose the device for which you want to get the updates. Choose between a phone, desktop or a printer. If you choose to get updates for a desktop software then follow the next steps.
  • After clicking on the desktop option you will be asked to put in your desktop serial number, purchase number and other such details. It’s better if you have all these handy.
  • After putting in the details, click on Submit. You will then be given a list of similar desktops numbers. Choose the ones which matches with your PC .
  • You will then be presented a list which will have all the latest software and drive updates on it. Choose the software you want to update and then select the little + sign beside it.
  • Scroll down to the end of the list. You will find all the individual updates and drives of the program you chose from the list.
  • Click on the Details option just below it to know more about the update and what it contains. Once you are satisfied and have verified its contents, click on Download.
  • If you have a good Internet connection then the updates and drivers will get downloaded into your computer soon. After that go to the Download folder, click on the update to find the folder where it has been stored. Go to the folder and then install it.
  • Your program is now updated with new drivers.

How To Update Some Very Specific Drivers

Sometimes you might find that your video display, touch pad or keyboard isn’t working properly. One of the common reasons behind this are outdated drivers. So sometimes you might have to update these things. But you can only do that through the Device Manager. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Windows and then open something called the Device Manager. Just search for it from the Start menu.
  • You will then get a list where all the devices will be mentioned. Select the one you would like to update.
  • Then right click on the device name. After that all you have to do is click on the Update Driver option. After it gets downloaded, search for the update by selecting Search Automatically. Now follow all the steps which come onscreen to install it.
  • But your device won’t work even after installing the updated driver for the device. You will have to restart the desktop for it to function.

These above steps are regarding the most common questions which come up regarding software updates and drives. Following these steps will fix your issue for sure. But if you find that you are unable to get updates even after this, then it’s advisable that you contact HP’s customer support service. They will be able to sort out your problem and guide you towards a solution.

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