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How do you fix an HP laptop that won’t turn on?

Is your HP laptop that won’t turn on? If yes, then there are plenty of reasons behind this issue. It might be a problem with the power such as battery failure, loose AC adapter, and so on. On the other hand, the issue may even lie with other components. Sometimes, LCD display malfunctions and errors in the brightness settings can make the laptop powered off. No matter, whatever the cause of the problem, we should correct them immediately.

Are you looking here and there to find a solution to this problem? Well, there is no need to explore around because we have mentioned a simple and effective solution in the below section. All you have to is simply following those steps and fix the problem as soon as possible. Try the following solutions one by one to avail effective result.

How to fix the HP laptop, which would not turn on

Check battery light indicator and brightness level

First, we have to look at the laptop battery indicator light. If it is on, then check the brightness settings. In case, it is not on the problem might be lowered brightness settings. When the brightness setting is completely at the lowest range, the device screen will be dark and looks like powered off. Therefore, try to set the brightness level according to your needs.

Check AC power adapter

Next, we have to check whether the device AC power adapter plugged into a surge protector or wall properly. Additionally, ensure the connection is made perfectly. If the connection is loose, then try to connect the adapter into a different outlet.

Check laptop battery status

Check the laptop battery status is highly important in this scenario because most of the modern batteries are perfect for about 1000 full charges. Once they have reached this point, the battery will deteriorate greatly and it needs replacement sometimes. HP laptop that won’t turn on.  This is why we need to check how long the laptop battery had used.

Replace the laptop battery

When it comes to knowing that the problem is associated with laptop battery, there is no option better than replacing the battery. By powering off the device, you can replace the battery. HP laptop that won’t turn on. To do so, you need to flip the device, remove the battery cover outline, and then slide out the old battery. Now, insert the new battery and replace the cover.

Apart from this, you can also consider replacing laptop monitor or LCD display because sometimes the laptop might power on but the device monitor does not work. In case, none of the aforementioned solutions works to fix your problem, you can contact HP support number to seek professional assistance. They will help you to come out of the problem easily.

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