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Epitome of Spyware and How to Disable

Spyware is the collection of software that aims in stealing the personal or business information installed in the computer device without the user’s knowledge. This action is actually done without user permissions and its actions include changing user configuration, a collection of personal information and advertising, etc. it hacks or steals everything that the user does and will send it to the remote user. This software also downloads a virus or other threats or malicious program on user’s device and installs it on the computer. In order to protect all users’ information that has been stored in the computer device, you should disable it as soon as you noticed it. HP support Assistant gives the user the way to uninstall the spyware and other malware products from the device.

How to Disable Spyware and other virus problems – HP Support Assistant

Using Windows Defender (Windows 8)

With the help of Windows Defender, the user can protect the computer device against virus and other malware and spyware problems.

It has 2 ways for prevention of spyware and malware products

  1. Real-time Protection

Windows Defender notifies people when spyware tries to install on their device. It also notifies the user when default settings changed by the malware products.

  1. Scanning Options

The user can use Windows Defender software to scan the system to detect the malware products that is located on user’s device and also can remove it when it shows the malware presence

How to Enable Windows Defender?

To enable it, connect to the network and do the following

  • From the start screen, type Windows Defender in the Search box and then select Windows Defender from the search results.
  • Click on it, Windows Defender Software will get open
  • At the top of the window,
  • if it shows PC status: Protected message, the user can make sure that Windows Defender is enabled and also the Real-time Protection is on
  • if it shows PC status: At risk is displayed, in this case, Real-time Protection may turn off, so now to enable Windows Defender, click the Turn on Button
  • After enabling Windows Defender, scan for spyware products
  • Now you can run the quick scan of your computer for full system scan.
  • Remove Spyware
  • After your Windows Defender finished scanning, it displays the results of your scan.
  • If it doesn’t show any, no action is needed
  • If it detects any, you can delete or remove each item that is detected
  • To remove it, click on the respective software and click remove

So with the help of Windows Defender, a user can remove all types of malware and spyware products located in their device. But this method will only work with Windows 8 computer device to avoid threats and other products.

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