HP Support Assistant in USA

One of the valuable commodities in our business is time and so we do not want to waste it by fixing issues and maintaining our computer performance. To solve problems and maintain our computers, we access HP support assistance on your system, as it is one-stop management solution.

It includes everything required for business management such as troubleshooting tools, system analysis, automatic software, and tutorials. If we do not access this program, we may encounter several issues while performing our business tasks.

Here, we have come up to tell you everything about the HP support assistant, which helps your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

What is HP support assistant?

HP support assistant is a software program, which is specially designed to assist you to keep your system perform well, prevent potential issues, and fix the problem easily & quickly without any trouble. Not only this, it also offers valuable system information, which you require whenever troubleshooting system issues. Most importantly, it is a free utility on HP devices released after 2012, which assists us to avoid and fix issues with the system using self-help options and updates.

Furthermore, you can able to manage all your HP devices in one destination and get access to messages, updates, troubleshooters & fixes, specifications, support resources for your devices, accessories, and warranty & services. For business systems, it renders an easy and quick way to download & install software and driver updates for HP desktops and commercial notebooks.

This software is a part of the HP complete care service & support. You can access it freely on the Microsoft Windows PCs because it is pre-installed on the Windows devices. It offers you to expert support whenever you require it. This software is ready to go as soon as you turn on your HP PC with Windows OS 7, 8 or 10.

In addition to, this program is a licensed freeware for windows 23-bit and 64-bit OS so that you can access it without any restrictions. Since it is free to download, anyone can make use of the software. Continue to read to know features and other things about HP support assistant.

Features and highlights of HP support assistant

All-new design – With the new version of HP support assistant, you will see everything in the new, modern, and simple-to-use interface.

Ready to go on your HP PC – This software is included on the new HP desktop PCs and notebook. You can directly install it on your PCs from other manufacturers for quick & easy access to the tools and support resources available for HP PCs and printers. Simply press the HP support assistant icon on the system try to start accessing it.

Integrated diagnostic and lifelong support – With the inbuilt integrated diagnostic, you will fix the problem easily. Additionally, you will enjoy the lifelong support of the HP support assistant.

Automated fixes and troubleshooters – With the help of HP support assistant’s automated fixes and troubleshooters, you will easily solve many common problems. For instance, when your device seems sluggish, then HP performance tune-up can immediately check and then optimize your device to improve performance. When the problem cannot be fixed with these tools, this software will help you identify specific support resources to your system.

Automatic updates – Do you wish to enhance the reliability and performance of your printers and PC? Well, you can utilize automatic firmware and driver updates. You can even configure your device options to install updates instantly or to notify you quickly whenever updates available.

Personalized support – From my device tab, you can easily manage your connected HP systems. To do so, simply create a new ID or even sign in with your previous HP passport credentials, you will gain access to all your registered HP system. Do you want to keep track of the new updates and messages or a family member’s PC or printer? Just add their system to your list and automatically you will be notified. Additionally, you can view subscribed and available service from my service tab.

Apart from these, you can access features such as alerts & support status, automatic fixes, help tools, and much more. To access these features, you do not need to have internet connection but some features may need. There is no training required to access this software so that simply stay up-to-date.

Where is the HP support assistant?

HP support assistant has positioned in the blue color mark on the windows taskbar. If you are accessing windows 8, you will access it on the start screen. In case, if you do not find either of these options, you will even find it by simply clicking start and then type in hp support assistant.

When none of this choice has been worked, the program is not at all installed on your device and you have to download & install the program. HP support assistant is pre-installed on all the HP and Compaq Windows 7 systems and some selected Vista systems. This software is not available on Windows XP devices.

How to download and install HP support assistant

If you want to download HP support assistant, then you have to visit the official site of the HP support assistant and click the download option. After downloading, follow the prompts to install it on your device and start using it.

How to disable HP support assistant

Even though the software has numerous benefits, it sometimes throws some problems. In such case, you can disable it with the help of program setting menu.

  • On your device, you have to double click HP support assistant to launch the program and then press settings in the bottom left side of the Window
  • Now, click on the health analysis tab and press frequency using the drop-down menu and then choose never
  • Then, press the button next to Never check for updates
  • Press tune-up tab and click tune-up schedule: frequency and choose never

If you do not want to use HP support assistant, you can uninstall the program whenever you want using the Windows add/remove programs.