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HP Support Assistant

What is HP Support Assistant?

HP’s support manager or assistant is a tool that is available for free on HP computers. But it is available on only those PC’s which have been released since 2012. The main function of the support assistant is to resolve problems that users might encounter while using their HP computers. The best part is that you will be able to install this support assistant on other PCs as well. After all, it will be really useful if you have HP printers and other accessories. But other PC’s will get HP’s support manager or assistant version 8.1 only. The new HP computer model with Windows 10 will get version 9. It is really useful in:

  • Troubleshooting any issues you might face in your HP computer.
  • Producing automated fixes for your PC troubles. No matter what the issue is, the HP support assistant will have a solution.
  • Checking the performance of various programs. The assistant will perform a diagnostic exercise on various softwares and drivers to ensure that it remains virus-free and secure.
  • It provides personalized support. The assistant will give you answers which are tailor-made just for your issues. These will be specific and relevant instead of general and meandering.
  • Automatic updates of the latest software versions from HP.

What Does The HP Support Assistant Do?

The HP Support Manager or Assistant is one of the most useful tools presented by HP. It helps with the following:

  • Automated Fixes: The support assistant is able to diagnose and fix any issues which you might face from the HP computer. Everything from a simple audio check to a full operating system fix up will be done if needed as well. This makes it convenient to use.
  • Better Diagnostics: The support assistant is able to directly launch HP’s Diagnostic Hardware if it is installed there. This diagnostic tool will let you test components like memory, hard drive, etc. It will help you identify your hardware issues as well.
  • Personalized support: You will be able to take care of all your HP devices using just one ID. This will let you keep an eye on all your family’s devices if needed. Moreover, you will get every needed solution for your HP problems. These solutions have been tailor-made for you. If the assistant can’t find a solution for your issue then it will help connect you ro various resources that will help you out.
  • Automatic Updates: You will get automatic updates regarding available upgrades for HP PC’s and other devices. You can also set an assistant to update automatically or ensure that it only notifies you about the update but doesn’t update.

Features of the HP Support Assistant

HP’s support manager or support assistant is a very useful program. It has a lot of useful qualities which should be known:

  • HP’s support manager or support assistant isn’t a paid HP service. It is just there to assist HP’s users in their tasks or problems.
  • It is a service that is already added in HP Laptop so there is no need to install it separately.
  • It is easy to maintain as the assistant will give you updates if its upgraded version is available. After that, you can choose to update it or keep it as it. But it’s advised that you do update it to get the latest news and announcements regarding HP devices, softwares and services.
  • It provides one of the easiest ways to download and then install printer drivers. It makes all the drivers available in one place so that it’s convenient for you. You will also get all the latest driver updates here.
  • The support assistant also comes with explanation videos that will help you troubleshoot your issues. Apart from this, there are online classes that will ensure that you are better able to understand your PC problems and their solutions.
  • The assistant comes preloaded with the product information as well as the information for contacting HP support in case of an emergency.

Steps for HP Support Assistant Download

Downloading HP’s support manager or support assistant is really easy. Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official HP website. There you will find a hyperlink that states- Download HP’s Assistant.
  • Click on the hyperlink. You will find a download box right at the very bottom portion of your screen. There will be a Save option given there. Click on it.
  • After the above, select the Run option once you see the download has been completed.
  • You will see a dialog box pop up on the screen that will show all the instructions you need to follow to complete the whole installation process. Note: Keep in mind that the entire installation process will take some time to complete. So make sure you don’t have any immediate work to attend to.
  • After the installation gets successfully completed, click on the Yes button given at the bottom of a dialog box which will pop up.
  • Now click on the Finish link given. This will fully restart your system. Once the system starts up again, you will find the HP support manager or assistant icon being placed right at the top of your taskbar.
  • To open the program you will have to click on the icon. If everything works fine then you will have successfully installed your personal HP assistant.

How can you disable HP Assistant?

HP support manager or assistant is a really useful program. It helps you fix your HP problems as easily as possible. Even more, it is an all-round fix for various issues plaguing your computer. It comes with tutorials, troubleshooting tools, automatic updates, system analysis, etc. But sometimes this support system needs to be disabled if it is coming in the way of accomplishing tasks or if a new version needs to be installed. No matter your reason for disabling this software, here’s how you can do it.

  • Double click on your HP Assistant icon present on the taskbar. This will launch the assistant program. After that click on the Settings option present right at the bottom part of the dialog box.
  • Now go to the option which says Health Analysis. Then click on the link which says Frequency. Once you do that you will come across a drop-down menu. From than menu just click on Never.
  • After completing the above step click on the option which basically says that you will never be checking for updates.
  • Now select the Tune-Up option and then click on the Frequency option. You will see another drop-down menu. From here click on Never, this will disable your assistant.
Look At The Services We Offer At Our HP Support Assistant

HP support assistant helps you keep your computer updated and helps you resolve any issues you find regarding it. You will find the HP assistant located on the Windows taskbar. It is able to do all this because it gets programmed tune-ups and updates. But there’s a lot more it can do and a lot of services it can provide. These are:

  • Troubleshooting: This is its major task. HP’s Support Program helps in solving any problems which come up in the PC or printers. It provides personalized answers to your PC issues and even if it can’t help you out with your issue, it still connects you to other resources that will.
  • Automated Updates: HP’s support program gets automated updates that will inform you about all the available software and driver updates. You can then set the support assistant to automatically update your programs. You can also just set the assistant to show the notifications without updating anything till you allow it.
  • Diagnostic: The support manager also performs regular checks on various programs and softwares. This helps keep viruses and other malware away from these programs and keeps them running well. It also notifies you if there’s anything wrong with your software or hardware. This way you will be able to fix the issue before anything happens.